The Candlelight Estates development integrates different architectural designs and styles in a harmonious blend with the environment, generating a sense of rural elegance. The ultimate goal is to develop home sites that fit the natural setting.

Construction & Development

Homes constructed in the subdivision must go through the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) for final approval before the Town of Erie will issue a building permit. Buyers will be charged a fee by the ARC. Review will include building plans, exterior colors and materials, roofing materials, etc. Any changes to the approved plans before, during or after the construction of a home must first be submitted to the ARC for approval.


Location of buildings shall be in accordance with the recorded plat, the Declaration of Covenants, the provisions of the Planned Unit Development, and building envelope restrictions. No dwellings, dwelling porches, patios, decks, garages or similarly sized structures shall be located beyond the designated building envelopes.

Landscape plans, fencing, etc. require approval of the ARC before any work can be done. Protecting view corridors for adjoining neighbors will be an important consideration of the ARC when reviewing landscape plans.

The provisions of the Development Plan state the maximum height limit for each lot is thirty-five (35) feet. The ARC shall discourage and has the right to prohibit the construction of any dwelling, which would appear excessive in height when viewed from the other lots and the street. Generally, the ARC will more favorably view structures that appear to make a more horizontal visual presentation than a vertical impact. Lots 3 and 4, Block 2, as stated on the Final Development Plan, shall have a thirty (30) foot height restriction.

Accessory structures must be compatible with the main residential building rather than designed as separate elements. All accessory structures such as workshops, sheds, greenhouses, pavilions and pet enclosures must be lower than, and architecturally subservient to, the main residence. Such accessory structures must meet the approval of the ARC.

Each lot shall be used exclusively for single-family residential living purposes. Every principal residence constructed on a lot shall have not less than 2,150 square feet of floor area devoted to living purposes, exclusive of roofed or unroofed porches, terraces, basements or garages for a single story (ranch style) dwelling and 2,950 square feet for a multi-story dwelling (with the first story of a multi-story dwelling above ground level to be comprised of at least 1,550 square feet with such minimum square footage to be exclusive of any garages, patios, basements or accessory building). No maximum floor area is specified; however, the ARC will be concerned that the total size of the dwelling is compatible with the continuity, scale and harmony of the overall development.

Erie Parkway is projected to be widened to four lanes going east with a traffic light installed at the intersection of Walters Drive and the entry to Flatiron Meadows. Landscaping will include a berm paralleling the roadway to help minimize road noise.

Quarterly Homeowner Association assessments will include maintenance of the common areas, trash removal, and common area utilities.